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Welcome to this month’s OHBMonthly newsletter!

The content submission deadline for OHBM2024 is now behind us – thank you all for your submissions. We can’t wait to see you in Seoul next year!

Meanwhile, the past month has seen various updates from the community, which we are detailing in this month’s OHBMonthly, including:

  • 2 new episodes of the Neurosalience podcast featuring Russ Poldrack and Andrew Jahn.
  • Upcoming blog series highlighting 2023 OHBM award winners.
  • SEA-SIG holds ‘Environmental impacts of computing’ event in London.
  • Update to Best Practices on Clinical fMRI for language mapping—feedback wanted!
  • Call for volunteers for OSSIG and ComCom!
  • New SIG and Committee members.
  • Brain image visualization tool resource published in Aperture Neuro.

As we wrap 2023, we’re looking forward to another year engaging with the brain mapping community!

Kevin Sitek & Alfie Wearn
Communications Chair & Chair-Elect
on behalf of the OHBM Communications Committee

Season 4 of Neurosalience is in full swing, with two new episodes gracing our ears this past month.

  • Episode 3: Russ Poldrack, a luminary in the human brain mapping community, chats with host, Peter Bandettini, about the big picture of fMRI research, from paradigm shifts in best practices to the challenges that we face when using brain imaging, modeling, and precision task design to derive new insights into brain organization and mechanisms of computation.
  • Episode 4: Those of you learning MRI analysis may already know about the amazing resources that Andrew Jahn is prodigiously producing online. Originally with ‘Andy’s Brain Blog’ and now ‘Andy’s Brain Book’, Dr. Jahn has created a standard and a go-to resource for learning the nuts and bolts as well as concepts and nuances of processing our data. Peter meets the man behind the lessons in the latest episode of Neurosalience.

  • On November 7, the Sustainability and Environmental Action (SEA) SIG held the first 'Environmental impacts of computing (EIC) in health & life sciences research' workshop at the Wellcome Trust in London. Topics discussed included the role of individuals, institutions, and funders in making research more sustainable, evidence-based recommendations for reducing the carbon footprint of fMRI preprocessing, and the benefits of efficient programming. You can find recordings of all presentations here.
  • The Committee on Best Practices in Data Analysis and Sharing (COBIDAS) are seeking feedback on their newly defined guidelines.
    • This document lays out best practices on clinical fMRI for language mapping.
    • Feedback is open to all via comments on the website.
  • Open Science (OS) SIG self-nominations re-opened:
    • OSSIG is currently looking for new members, including a Secretary elect. If you’re interested in promoting - or simply discovering more about - open science, then join our growing initiative! Submit your interest here.
    • More information on the role can be found on the OSSIG website or by emailing directly to
    • Still hesitating? Watch this video and discover what it's like to join OSSIG!
  • Several Committees and SIGs have welcomed new members:
    • The Diversity and Inclusion Committee (DIC) welcomes Joana Cabral (graphic design officer), Jana Totzek (social media officer), and Leyla Loued-Khenissi and Alyssa Pozzobon (ad-hoc members) as new members. Sharna Jamadar has been appointed as chair-elect. Further details about the DIC election can be found in a recent blog post.
    • In the Brain Art SIG, Olga Boukrina (chair-elect), Mengyuan Ding (secretary-elect), Yi-Ju Lee (exhibition manager-elect) and Diana Giraldo (website & communications manager) will all be helping to showcase beautiful pieces of brain-related art to the community.
    • The SEA-SIG are joined by Lea Michel (chair-elect), Benedetta Franceschiello (secretary-elect) and Michelle Want (treasurer-elect). You can meet the whole team here!

Are you passionate about effective communication and eager to contribute your skills to the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you!

We invite all OHBM members to submit applications to join the OHBM Communications Committee (ComCom). Our mission is to provide accessible, actionable information to the brain mapping community through various channels, such as the OHBM Blog, NeuroSalience podcast and our ‘OHBMonthly’ digest.

Learn more about ComCom here. To apply, please fill out this short form.

Each year at the Annual Meeting, the Organization for Human Brain Mapping recognizes members of the field of human brain imaging for their outstanding contributions to the field. Over the next few weeks, the Communications Committee will be showcasing the 2023 awardees’ contributions to the field through a series of blog posts.

Click here for more information about all the winners!

Keep an eye on the OHBM Blog for the upcoming interviews:

Many neuroimaging jobs were added to the OHBM job board in the last month! Here are some recent spotlight positions:

  • Medical University Innsbruck (Austria) are offering a PhD position in the Excellence Program (PhD) Translational Research in Neurodegeneration (TReND).
  • A postdoctoral fellowship position is advertised at the National Institute for Mental Health Clinical and Translational Neuroscience Branch.
  • Medpace, a clinical contract research organization based in Cincinnati Ohio, is seeking a Neuroimaging Project Manager.

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