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Date Posted: 12/08/2017

Call for junior research group

Type: Full Time
Category: Post-Doc Fellowships


We are seeking an excellent postdoctoral candidate who is interested to build up a junior research group within the research focus of clinical neuroscience of the Medical faculty RWTH Aachen University. Candidates, who would like to compete in a call for a junior research group funded over three years with an optional prolongation of another three years (200.000 €/a) should contact Ute Habel ( for further details.

Candidates should have a background in psychology, medicine, or natural sciences. We welcome expertise in methodological developments in imaging or genomic imaging to complement the neuroscientific expertise existent within the Clinical Neuroscience focus of the Medical faculty.

RWTH Aachen is among the leading European scientific and research institutions. The Medical faculty currently pursues three focuses, of which one is clinical neurosciences. The University Hospital RWTH Aachen is very active in neuroscience research, cooperations with the different clinical departments, especially the Departments of Neurology, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, and Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics and are envisaged. Within the framework of JARA-BRAIN- a scientific partnership with Forschungszentrum Jülich - and the joint JARA-BRAIN Institutes  as well as within the framework of the International Research Training Group "The Neuroscience of Modulating Aggression and Impulsivity in Psychopathology" (IRTG 2150,, which includes the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, translational brain research is pursued, especially by establishing close collaboration with colleagues from Computational Neuroscience. The University Hospital has 2 x 3 Tesla MRI, MR-EEG, rtDCS, PET, fNIRS, and fully equipped behavioral labs. A pain stimulator (PATHWAY) and a high-end olfactometer (Burghart) are also available. JARA BRAIN possesses a high-end neuroimaging infrastructure (3T MR, 3T, 7T and 9,4T PET-MR, MEG, fNIRS) and methodological expertise for human studies.

Education Level: Doctorate Degree
Location: Aachen,  None, Germany
Expiration: 01/07/2018



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