Education Course Materials

Educational course materials can be found below.  Materials that are not included were not provided.

Information received onsite will be placed on our OnDemand Education portal.  You will receive an email when the upload is complete.

Full Day Educational Courses:

Advanced fMRI Course

EEG and MEG connectivity: Basic principles, state-of-the-art methods, and emerging vistas

MR Diffusion Imaging: From the Basics to Advanced Applications

Pattern Recognition for NeuroImaging

Morning Educational Courses:

Brain parcellations and functional territories

Advanced methods for cleaning up fMRI time-series

Brain graphs: An Introduction to network analysis of brain imaging data

Introduction to Imaging Genetics

Afternoon Educational Courses:

Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis

Practicalities for reproducible neuro-imaging 2.0

Taking Connectivity to a Skeptical Future: Challenges, Tools and Techniques.

Why it all comes back to Anatomy