OHBM Alpine Chapter

(Alpine Region centered on Austria and Switzerland)



The mission of the Alpine Chapter is advancing the alpine brain imaging community via organization of educational events on human brain mapping techniques and via discussion of highly topical scientific developments with a focus on regional relevance. This shall also stimulate multicentric scientific chapter studies. The chapter will aim at fostering translational knowledge and applications of imaging tools to clinical practice, building particularly on its comprehensive expertise with clinical fMRI. The chapter provides also rich links with basic and clinical fields in neuroscience, and different brain imaging modalities. Activities will be based on already existing longstanding regional events and are based on the Austrian Society for fMRI www.oegfmrt.org as an organisatory platform. To avoid overlaps with the OHBM annual meeting, events will take place in winter and rotate within the region.

Q&A with Roland Beisteiner, OHBM Alpine Chapter Chair


Roland Beisteiner, Chair
Christoph Stippich, Chair-Elect



Third OHBM Alpine Chapter Symposium
November 3-4, 2017
Bern, CH

Member initiated scientific sessions and individual contributions provide an overview about current topics in alpine brain mapping research. For submission contributions contact (manuela.pastore-wapp@insel.ch)