Our Mission

The purpose of Aperture is to enable a diverse approach to sharing and communicating high quality, community-based, open neuroscience while bringing transparency and interactivity to the publishing process.

Our Goals

  • Share openly timely and relevant research results, data, and tools with the human brain mapping and neuroscience communities.
  • Be a community-based publishing platform, offering a scientific society based governance. 
  • Provide high-quality exposure to authors through PubMed and other Open Access Journal directories and high-quality Research Objects.
  • Beyond the PDF: Broaden the definition of a peer-reviewed publication to encompass novel Research Objects.

Why Publish With Aperture

Scientific Reach: Aperture’s scientific reach is made up of diverse researchers, educators, and neuroimaging experts within the brain mapping community. Aperture will work to expand the connectivity and impact of research by making sure all vetted and published works are easily accessible and citable by interested parties. 

Publishing Options: Aperture offers a home for diverse research objects that go beyond the traditional PDF.

Credibility: All published materials are thoroughly reviewed by a network of experts in a variety of fields. Editors are guided by a high standard of ethical and editorial policies typical to those found in the scientific publishing industry. 

Author Access: OHBM members receive price advantages that make Aperture a desirable publishing medium. Accessibility for authors to submit their work is convenient and easy through a user-friendly portal. 

Price: With zero submission fees and a non-profit basis for publication costs, Aperture offers both value and incentive for authors to submit their Research Objects.

Meet the Aperture Oversight Committee

The Aperture Oversight Committee serves in an advisory capacity and oversees the development and operation of Aperture. The Committee provides feedback and makes decisions on the structure, publishing framework, editorial policies, marketing, and operating costs of the platform.

The Aperture Oversight Committee also advises the Editor-in-Chief as needed, and serves as a liaison between the Council and the editorial office.

Peter Bandettini

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