2023 Published Articles


Published Articles - 2023

Proceedings of the OHBM Brainhack 2021

By Aki Nikolaidis, et al.

The global pandemic presented new challenges and opportunities for organizing conferences, and OHBM 2021 was no exception. The OHBM Brainhack is an event that occurs just prior to the OHBM meeting, typically in-person, where scientists of all levels of expertise and interest gather to work and learn together for a few days in a collaborative hacking-style environment on projects of common interest...



VisualQC: software development kit for medical and neuroimaging quality control and assurance

By Pradeep Reddy Raamana.

VisualQC is a medical imaging software library aimed to enable and improve certain challenging aspects of neuroimaging quality control (niQC). VisualQC is purpose-built for rigorous niQC and aims to greatly reduce the tediousness of manual visual QC...



Visual QC Protocol for FreeSurfer Cortical Parcellations from Anatomical MRI

By Raamana et al.

Quality control of morphometric neuroimaging data is essential to improve reproducibility. Owing to the complexity of neuroimaging data and subsequently the interpretation of their results, visual inspection by trained raters is the most reliable way to perform quality control. Here, we present a protocol for visual quality control...


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