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Aperture Neuro Submission FAQ's

  1. Do I have to log in with my ORCID ID? What if I don’t have one or don’t remember?

    A: The Aperture Neuro Platform can only be accessed with your ORCID ID. If you are unsure of your ORCID ID or need to register for one, you can easily do this by following the “Forgot your Password or ID,” and “Register Now” prompts after clicking “Login.

  2. Will my work/progress save during the submission process if I log out and log back in to finish later?

    A: Yes, your work will save. If you have any issues while submitting the work, contact the journal manager

  3. When I click submit, nothing happens?

    A: There are several fields in the submission form that are required, if you are unable to submit, try scrolling back through the form and find the fields in red that were missed.

  4. Do I have to list the email address of each co-author?

    A: This is not required. Aperture Neuro requires the contact information of at least the first or corresponding author. All email addresses listed will be visible when published.

  5. Will Aperture Neuro works have a DOI?

    A: Yes all Aperture Neuro published Research Objects have a DOI, be registered on Crossref and indexed in Google Scholar.

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