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Open Science Award

The Organization for Human Brain Mapping Open Science Award recognizes an individual or team’s sustained and impactful efforts in the area of open science.

Award Criteria:

  1. The applicant(s) must have demonstrated leadership in the promotion of open science to advance research in neuroscience, neurology, psychology or any other discipline found within OHBM community.  Examples include but are not limited to efforts in: open data, open software, educational resources, hackathon activities, open research data, open publishing. or any initiative that promotes collaboration. 
  2. Open science efforts can include individual or collaborative team efforts.
  3. All applicants must be OHBM members in good standing.

Nomination Process
Nominations may be made by any individual who is a member of the OHBM.  Self-nomination is encouraged.  The process for nomination is as follows:

  1. Clearly identify the nominator and the applicant (individual or team).
  2. Provide a brief statement (1000 words or less) articulating how the efforts of the applicants fostered open science in the OHBM community. 

NOTE:  Nominations that are not formatted correctly, contain incorrect documents, or are missing required documents will not be considered.

Review Process
The OHBM Awards Committee is charged with reviewing all nominations and formulating a recommendation for Council’s review and final selection of the Open Science Award recipient.  Final selections are based on a consensus of the entire Awards Committee and are sent to the OHBM Council for final approval.

A cash award of $2,500 will be presented to the individual or divided among the members of the team. When the applicant is a team, there must be one individual in the team identified as the lead, with whom correspondence can take place. The award money will be delivered to the lead and they will be responsible for distribution to the individual team members. Both are presented to the recipient at the Annual Meeting. The awardee will be provided with the opportunity to make brief remarks as they receive the award. In addition, the individual or team will receive an opportunity to present their open science collaboration results.

Submit Nomination
To submit your nomination, visit the 2022 Open Science Award Nominations Form.

Questions? Please direct them to the OHBM Executive Office at info@humanbrainmapping.org

Past Open Science Award recipients include:

2022: Glasgow, Scotland
Russ Poldrack, United States

2021: OHBM Virtual II
R. Cameron Craddock, United States

2020: OHBM Virtual I
Michael Milham, United States