Each year, the Organization for Human Brain Mapping recognizes the outstanding contributions of members in the field of human brain imaging. The awards include:

Diversity and Inclusivity Champion Award
The Diversity & Inclusivity Champion Award recognizes members who have made significant contributions to increasing diversity and inclusivity within the field of human brain mapping.

Education in Neuroimaging Award
The Education in Neuroimaging Award is given to an OHBM member who has made significant contribution to education and training in the field of neuroimaging.

Early Career Investigator Award
The Early Career Investigator Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of human brain mapping. 

Fellow of OHBM
The Fellow of OHBM distinction honors outstanding members of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping who have demonstrated academic and intellectual leadership in the disciplines represented by the Society over an extended period of time. 

Glass Brain Award
The Glass Brain Award recognizes lifetime achievement by leading researchers using or facilitating neuroimaging to discover original and influential findings regarding the organization and function of the human brain.

Karl Zilles Award in Integrative Neuroscience
The Karl Zilles Award recognizes a PhD student or a postdoctoral fellow for their work in integrating modern neuroanatomical approaches with multi-modal in-vivo neuroimaging.

Mentor Award
The Mentor Award recognizes an OHBM member for their leadership in developing early career researchers including undergraduates, graduates and post-doctoral trainees

Open Science Award
The Open Science Award recognizes an individual or team’s sustained and impactful efforts in the area of open science.

Replication Award
The Replication Award recognizes the best replication study, highlighting OHBM’s commitment to reproducibility in neuroimaging research and incentives valuable replication research.

Please click on the award title above or on the side menu to see additional information. Award winners are announced at the OHBM Annual Meeting.