The goal of Regional Chapters is to unite brain-mapping communities in specific geographic locations and receive official recognition and support from OHBM. Chapter Members are not required to be OHBM members, but leadership positions require OHBM membership and an annual report submission by September 30th to remain as OHBM Chapters. Current OHBM Chapters include Alpine, AustralianChina, Korea, LABMAN, and Neuroscience Alliance.

Chapter Formation

Regional Chapters are designed to advance communities based on geographical location, that conform to one or more generally recognized geographical regions or as recognized by Council.  Chapters strive to reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of OHBM and seek the same intellectual balance as OHBM itself.  Members of a Chapter need not be members of OHBM; however, all leadership positions must be filled by OHBM members.

OHBM defines geographic regions using the official United Nations designations.  Designation of Regions is non-exclusive in the Region and OHBM may, in its sole discretion, designate other affiliates in the Region or may sponsor or conduct programs, accept members, and perform other activities within the Region.

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