Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

OHBM Student and Postdoc SIG
The OHBM-Student and Postdoc SIG is intended to disseminate information relevant to students and postdocs, such as job and study opportunities, funding, scholarships and awards, workshops, leadership opportunities, and details about the annual conference. We also organize a Social Night for students and postdocs at the Human Brain Mapping conference each year.

OHBM Open Science SIG
The OHBM Open Science SIG mission is to advance neuroimaging research by fostering the open sharing of ideas, data, and tools between members of the OHBM community. This will be accomplished by organizing educational events, supporting collaborative initiatives, and providing mentorship to junior researchers. In our first year, the SIG will focus on three contributions to the OHBM annual meeting: 1) organize a Hackathon to precede the annual meeting, 2) introduce the tools of open science by proposing a “Brainhacking 101” educational course, and 3) propose hands-on tutorials and collaborative Open Science projects during the OHBM conference.

OHBM Brain-Art SIG
The scope of the Brain–Art SIG is to promote the exchange between Art & Science by fostering the dialogue between artists and members of the OHBM community. We aim to (1) encourage artistic approaches and perspectives to understanding human brain function, (2) facilitate the development of novel approaches for the visualization of scientific data, and (3) provide a model of interaction between disciplines while enhancing the public outreach of OHBM. We achieve these goals through annual activities such as the Brain–Art Exhibition and the Brain–Art Competition.

OHBM Sustainability and Environment Action SIG
The goal of the Sustainability and Environment Action (SEA) SIG is set up to address sustainability and environmental issues around brain imaging. Our goals include: (1) Raising awareness amongst the brain mapping community on the environmental impacts of neuroimaging research activities, (2) Advising the human brain mapping community on how to minimize the environmental impacts of neuroimaging research activities, (3) Encouraging the human brain mapping community to use our positions as professional scientists to speak out about the climate crisis and take responsibility for collective action, (4) Facilitating the decarbonization of the Annual Meeting by information gathering on sustainable conference models and advocating for meaningful change to Council and the Executive Office, (5) Providing a forum for social interactions and knowledge exchange amongst members of the human brain mapping community who share an interest in environmental issues, including when appropriate organizing social events to be held during the Annual Meeting, and (6) Collaborating with other environment interest groups within sister academic societies (such as the Society for Neuroscience) to advance knowledge exchange and action on sustainability issues within neuroscience more broadly.

OHBM Women Faculty SIG
A key mission of the OHBM Women Faculty Special Interest Group (WF-SIG) is to offer supportive and safe opportunities for women principal investigators to connect and network with each other to promote equity and inclusion in science, to build a community of support for women faculty, to foster a space of learning, to help channel a stronger voice advocating for recognition of women faculty and to create a future in which more women in the OHBM will join the ranks of faculty. 

SIG Formation

Definition of Special Interest Group. 
Special Interest Groups (SIG) are designed to advance communities of shared interest on topical and active areas of neuroimaging research or other related areas that expand knowledge, learning or technology for OHBM’s Members. 

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