Poster Categories

Wednesday and Thursday Poster Categories

Brain Stimulation Methods: Deep Brain Stimulation, Direct Electrical/Optogenetic Stimulation, Invasive Stimulation Methods Other, Non-invasive Electrical/tDCS/tACS/tRNS, Non-invasive Magnetic/TMS, Non-Invasive Stimulation Methods Other, TDCS, TMS

Disorders of the Nervous System: Addictions, Eating Disorders, Epilepsy, Research Domain Criteria studies (RDoC), Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Stroke

Emotion and Motivation: Emotion and Motivation Other, Emotional Learning, Emotional Perception, Reward and Punishment, Sexual Behavior

Genetics: Genetic Association Studies, Genetic Modeling and Analysis Methods, Genetics Other, Neurogenetic Syndromes, Transcriptomics

Imaging Methods: Diffusion MRI, MEG, MR Spectroscopy, NIRS, Non-BOLD fMRI, PET, Polarized light imaging (PLI)

Language: Language Acquisition, Language Comprehension and Semantics, Language Other, Reading and Writing, Speech Perception, Speech Production

Lifespan Development:  Aging

Modeling and Analysis Methods:  Bayesian Modeling, Classification and Predictive Modeling, EEG/MEG Modeling and Analysis, fMRI Connectivity and Network Modeling, Image Registration and Computational Anatomy, Task-Independent and Resting-State Analysis

Motor Behavior: Brain Machine Interface, Mirror System, Motor Behavior Other, Motor Planning and Execution, Visuo-Motor Functions

Neuroanatomy: Anatomy and Functional Systems, Cortical Anatomy and Brain Mapping, Cortical Cyto- and Myeloarchitecture, Neuroanatomy Other, Normal Development, White Matter Anatomy, Fiber Pathways and Connectivity, Subcortical Structures

Physiology, Metabolism and Neurotransmission: Cerebral Metabolism and Hemodynamics, Neurophysiology of Imaging Signals, Pharmacology and Neurotransmission and Physiology, Metabolism and Neurotransmission Other

Social Neuroscience: Self Processes, Social Cognition, Social Interaction and Social Neuroscience Other

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