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Acquisition and Pre-processing Methods
Chair:  Benedikt Poser / Maastricht University, Maastricht , The Netherlands
1802: Fiber orientation measurement using diffusion MRI and CLARITY on the same human brain tissue
1599: Distortion-matched T1-maps and unbiased T1w-images as anatomical reference for sub-millimetre fMRI
1803: Effective Connectivity Measured with Layer-Dependent Resting-State Blood Volume fMRI in Humans
4253: Post-mortem mapping of the inner connectivity of the human hippocampus using diffusion MRI at 11.7T
1728: Improved tSNR of high-resolution fMRI with surface-based cortical ribbon smoothing
2056: Exploring fibre orientation dispersion in the corpus callosum: Comparison of dMRI, PLI and Histology

Higher Cognitive Functions
Chair:  Hauke Heekeren / Freie University Berlin, Berlin, Germany
1399: Neural Mechanisms underlying Bayesian Model Averaging
4084: Intrinsic Functional Brain Dynamics Underlying Executive Function
1406: The neurocognitive mechanisms of learning to expend effort
1771: Timing of prediction error signaling in reward learning: A computational trial-by-trial EEG analysis
4188: A novel approach for the investigation of the functional correlates of fronto-parietal networks
1528: Flexibility in brain module topology supports active reasoning and fluid intelligence

Learning and Memory
1951: Neural Basis of Working Memory as Revealed by Voxel-Based Lesion Symptom Mapping
1953: Sequential activation in sub-second range during working memory task: A simultaneous EEG-fMRI study
1881: Spatial and Temporal Signatures of Memorability in the Brain
1747: Preceding working memory task may influence rational decision making: an EEG source imaging study
3025: Transcranial alternating stimulation (tACS) modulates connectivity in a phase-dependent manner
1914: Pre-stimulus theta power in the dorsomedial thalamic nucleus predicts human memory formation

Neuropsychiatric Disorders
4367: Using Live Face-to-Face fMRI to Investigate the Social Brain in Autism
1173: Ketamine effects in resting state fMRI in major depression
1083: Network Dysfunction in the Fronto-Limbic Circuit in Drug-Naive Social Anxiety Disorder
3245: Accelerated Aging of the Brain in Schizophrenia: a Longitudinal Pattern Recognition Study
3528: Cerebellar grey matter volume in schizophrenia - a multi-site study of 543 patients and 760 controls
1305: Two Brains Coupling in Real Social Interaction: An fMRI Hyperscanning Study with Borderline Patients

Parcellation & informatics
3890: Individual Cerebral Cortex Parcellation with Group-level Spatial and Connectivity Priors
1838: Efficient Population-Representative Whole-Cortex Parcellation Based on Tractography
1854: The Brain Imaging Data Structure: a format for organizing and describing neuroimaging data
1855: DataLad − decentralized data distribution for consumption and sharing of scientific datasets
1842: The Human Brainnetome Atlas: A New Brain Atlas Based on Connectional Architecture
1877: UK Biobank Brain Imaging: Automated Processing Pipeline and Quality Control for 100,000 subjects


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