Thursday, June 29, 2017

Morning Symposia 8:00-9:15 Room
Interaction of neuronal oscillations in multiple spatio-temporal scales: from methods to cognition 211-214
Near and far: imaging the remote effects of ischemic stroke and cerebrovascular disease burden Ballroom C
Individualized Mapping and Causal Manipulation of Human Brain Circuits Ballroom AB
Brain-to-brain synchrony early in life: What can we learn from different hyperscanning techniques? 220-222
Keynote Lecture 9:30-10:15 Room
Kia Nobre, FBA

Chair in Translational Cognitive Neuroscience Head of Department for Experimental Psychology Director of the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Ballroom AB

‘Preperception’ in the human brain
Attention refers to the set of mechanisms that tune psychological and neural processing to focus on the relevant events to guide adaptive behavior. According to the standard model, goal-based representations facilitate neural processing by biasing activity according to receptive-field properties. I will extend the standard model, by discussing research that reveals additional sources of biases, such as long-term memories associated with anticipated events; shows that biases also influence neural activity based on the timing of events; and illustrates how biases continue to shape neural activity within memory representations.

Oral Sessions 10:30-11:45 Room
Higher Cognitive Functions Ballroom C
Imaging Methods Ballroom AB
Lifespan Development 220-222
Neurological Disorders 211-214
Poster Session 12:45-14:45 Exhibit Hall
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Closing Comments and Meeting Highlights 14:45-16:00 Ballroom AB
Farewell Poster Presentation 16:00-17:30 Exhibit Hall
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