OHBM 2020 Submissions

The OHBM Program Committee expects to have high quality lectures and posters presented at its annual conference.  Abstract acceptance will be strictly based on scientific content.  Abstracts which are unethical, incomplete, or contain insufficient data will not be accepted.  Abstracts receiving a score of one and below have a high likelihood for being rejected. Experimental reports should include relevant data such as number of subjects studied or statistical information, as appropriate. Please keep in mind that it is a privilege to present your work at the OHBM annual meeting and posters should provide a positive learning experience for all attendees. The OHBM expects that the content or format of your poster will promote improvements or quality in scientific knowledge, education, and/or healthcare and not a specific proprietary business interest of a commercial interest. When submitting abstracts for OHBM 2020, we ask you to consider whether or not multiple abstracts are necessary. Thank you for assisting us in increasing the quality of the OHBM Annual Meeting.

Abstract Merit Awards and Abstract Travel Awards applications are available only during the submission process.  Information can be found on the author page.

The deadline to submit your abstract(s) is Thursday, December 19, 2019, at 11:59 PM EST. The Program Committee will review and select all abstracts in January.  Oral sessions will be selected in February.  Accepted submissions will be notified no later than early March 2020.

Click here to download the Abstract Submission Process PDF. 


All Education and Symposia proposals require the following information:

  1. Title of Session
  2. Name(s) of Organizer(s)
  3. Brief paragraph describing the timeliness and importance of the topic and the desired learning outcomes; the desired format and the advantage of addressing the topic in the chosen format; and presenter diversity, if applicable.
  4. Name and e-mail for all presenters and organizers.
  5. Title and brief summary of each presentation.
  6. Speaker release and financial release forms for all speakers and organizers. (NOTE: Please note above change in policy regarding speaker release).

When submitting an Education or Symposia proposal please read the following information carefully to ensure all requirements are met.

  • Individuals will only be permitted to be involved as a speaker or organizer in one educational course offered the day before the Annual Meeting and one scientific symposium during the Annual Meeting. Please check with your proposed speakers regarding other invitations they may have received.  Submissions will be checked for duplications before they are reviewed. Any conflicts will be communicated to the course organizer for resolution. 
  • Ensure the availability of your proposed speakers before submitting their names. Speaker changes will be subject to an additional review and approval process.
  • OHBM will be videotaping and recording all educational courses to be placed on the OHBM OnDemand learning portal. Each speaker in your session must agree to have their presentation slides and audio released, but will be able to opt out of the video recording. If all speakers do not to provide their slides and audio, the submission will not be considered for OHBM 2020.
  • Each scientific symposium submission will be considered for both a parallel morning slot and a plenary daytime slot, unless you check the box stating “I do not wish this submission to be considered for symposium”.

Abstract Guidelines

Educational / Symposia Guidelines