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2020 Oral Sessions & Round Tables


Wednesday, 24 June
11.00H - New York / 16:00H - London  / 23.00H - Hong Kong
Advances in Multimodal Acquisitions
Chairs: Jonathan Polimeni and Christophe Phillips
Quantitative, Multimodal Cell and Fiber Mapping in Full Primate Brain Sections
- Roxana Kooijmans
Dynamically Acquired 1H MRS for Detection of 13C Labeled Cerebral Glucose Metabolism In-vivo
- Masoumeh Dehghani
Simultaneous Mapping of  T2* and Major Neurotransmitters using MRSI at 3T
- Fatimah Almomen
Fast, Quantitative Myelin Maps: Macromolecular pool fraction (MPF) using an optimized protocol
- Kimberly Desmond
Short Echo-Time fMRI using Magnetization Transfer Contrast
- Jenni Schulz
Time-of-Flight-MRA-Derived-Probabilistic-Map of Each Major Cerebral Artery
- Samantha Cote
Brain Stimulation
Chairs: Annabel Chen and Michael Fox
Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound Selectively Increases Regional Perfusion
- Bianca Dang
Optogenetic Stimulation of the Mouse Entorhinal Cortex Reshapes Whole Brain Dynamics
- Piergiorgio Salvan
Electroconvulsive Therapy Treatment Responsive Multimodal Brain Networks
- Shile Qi
Entrainment of Theta Oscillations with Visual Rhythmic Stimulation Boosts Auditory Working Memory
- Philippe Albouy
Brain States of Awareness and Consciousness
Chairs: Melanie Boly and Michael Chee
Connectome Harmonic Signatures of Consciousness in Anaesthesia and Disorders of Consciousness
- Andrea Luppi
Reconfiguration of Network Hubs Under Anesthesia may Predict Recovery of Consciousness
- Catherine Duclos
Ketamine’s Influence on Global rs-fMRI and Individual Variation in Neuro-Behavioral Relationships
- Flora Moujaes
Non-REM Sleep Network Connectivity Represents an Altered, Not a Reduced State of Consciousness
- Evan Houldin
The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Cortical Functional Integration and Cognition
- Nathan Cross
Predicting Depth of Sedation From Latent Structure in Whole-Brain Cortical Networks
- Corson Areshenkoff
Thursday, 25 June
11.00H - New York / 16:00H - London  / 23.00H - Hong Kong
Connectivity: States and Traits
Chairs: Janine Bijsterbosch and Danilo Bzdok
Hierarchical Modelling of Individual- and Population-Level Resting State Networks from Big fMRI Data
- Seyedeh Rezvan Farahibozorg
Topological Variations in Connectivity Dynamics Decode States of the Brain
- Jacob Billings
Investigation of Spatiotemporal Functional Interactivity Among Large-Scale Brain Networks
- Nan Xu
Brain Gender Spectrum
- Yi Zhang
Brain Network Connectivity Architecture of Ego Dissolution under LSD
- Devon Stoliker
Disorders of the Nervous System: Psychiatric
Chair: Mallar Chakravarty
Convergent Molecular, Cellular, and Neuroimaging Signatures of Major Depression
- Kevin Anderson
The Relevance of Transdiagnostic Shared Networks to Symptoms and Cognition in Schizophrenia
- Shile Qi
Hallucinations and Delusions Relate to Distinct Hierarchical Alterations in Neural Timescales
- Kenneth Wengler
Uncoupling of Energy Consumption and Functional Connectivity in Psychotic Disorders
- Xiaopeng Song
Brain Age and Epigenetic Age Acceleration During Conversion to Psychosis
- Anton Iftimovici
Psychopathology Phenotypes Explain Individual’s Unique Deviations from Normative Neurodevelopment
- Linden Parkes
Learning and Memory
Chairs: Veronique Bohbot and Guillén Fernández
Rethinking repetition suppression as a metric of learning
- Eva Berlot
Neural correlates of individual differences in story understanding
- Jiwoong Park
A Gradient from Long-term Memory to Novel Cognition
- Xiuyi Wang
Disuse-driven plasticity is specific to the somatomotor and cingulo-opercular networks
- Dillan Newbold
Stress Modulates the Link between Striatal GABA and Hippocampal Activity During Motor Learning
- Nina Dolfen
Friday, 26 June
19.00H - New York

Saturday, 27 June
00:00H - London / 07.00H - Hong Kong
Early Development    
Chairs: Jessica Cohen and Tomáš Paus
Tracking White Matter Development in the Human Fetus
- Sian Wilson
High Temporal Resolution Longitudinal Observation of Fetal Brain Development. A baboon pilot study
- Olivier Coulon
The Developing Human Connectome Project: Functional connectivity across the perinatal period
- Michael Eyre
Discovering Developmental Patterns and Regionalization of Cortical Myelin During the First Two Years
- Ying Huang
The Subgrouping Structure of Newborns with Heterogenous Brain-Behavior Relationships
- Yuanyuan Chen
Higher Cognitive Functions: Mental representations and Imagery
Chairs: Luke Chang and Jeremy Manning
Decoding Identity from Brain Activity elicited during the Recollection of Personal Experiences
- Andrew Anderson
Real-time Reconstruction of Letter Shapes in the Mind’s Eye
- Rick van Hoof
Neural Tracking of Rhythmic Constructs in Imagined Speech
- Lingxi Lu
Content-Specific Neural Patterns in Auditory Cortices During Imagery of Music
- Mor Regev
Individual Differences in Shared Representation of Symbolic and Nonsymbolic Number at 7T fMRI
- Eric Wilkey
Brain Structure and Function Predict Different Domains of Cognitive Control in Normal Aging
- Jenny Rieck
Diversity Round Table: Neuroscience and the LGBTQ Community
Organizers: OHBM Diversity and Inclusivity Committee with Lucina Uddin
LGBTQ Challenges in STEM: The Need for Data and Policy Change
- Jon Freeman
How Can We Create a Better Neuroscience of Trans Identity?
- Grace Huckins
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Development: Insights from Thai gay men and sao praphet song
- Doug VanderLaan
The Gap Between Neuroimaging of Gender and Gender Studies of the Brain: New perspectives on transgender research
- Jonathan Vanhoecke
Monday, 29 June
19.00H - New York

Tuesday, 30 June
00:00H - London / 07.00H - Hong Kong
Sensation & Perception
Chairs: Olivier Collignon and Reza Rajimehr
Early Processing of Odor Valence in the Human Olfactory Bulb
- Behzad Iravani
Genetic Influence is Linked to Cortical Morphology in Category-Selective Areas of Visual Cortex
- Nooshin Abbasi
Investigating Neurophysiological Sources of Multimodal Neuroimaging in Humans
- Fatemeh Ebrahiminia
How the Onset of Blindness Affects the Interplay Between Crossmodal and Intramodal Plasticity
- Stefania Mattioni
Decoding Texture from Audio-Haptic Sources: An fMRI study
- Anne Kavounoudias
Neuroanatomy: Multiscale Connectomics
Chairs: Pierre Bellec and Boris Bernhardt
Cortical Silencing Results in Paradoxical fMRI Over-connectivity
- Carola Canella
Metabolic Basis of Human Brain Network Nodes in Resting-States of Eyes-closed and Eyes-open
- Yury Koush
The Cortical Wiring Scheme of Hierarchical Information Processing
- Casey Paquola
Investigating the Axon-diameter Based Human Brain Connectome using MRI
- Hila Gast
Evolution of Cortical Myelination in Chimpanzees
- Ilona Lipp
Towards an Accurate Identification of Vascular Territories in the Human Brain
- Mykyta Smirnov
Round Table: Aperture Round Table
Tuesday, 30 June
19.00H - New York

Wednesday, 1 July
00:00H - London / 07.00H - Hong Kong
Neurodegeneration: From high risk groups to transdiagnostic signatures
Chairs: Thomas Grabowski and Joana Pereira
Changes in Functional Connectivity Associated with Vascular Burden in Person At-risk of AD
- Theresa Köbe
Transcriptomic Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease Associated Brain Hypometabolism
- Sejal Patel
Network Diffusion Model Enhances Predictions of Future Tau-PET Burden in Alzheimer's Patients
- Pablo Damasceno
Generalizable, Reproducible, and Interpretable Imaging Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease
- Dan Jin
Brain Disorders Taxonomy from a Transcriptomics Point of View
- Yashar Zeighami
Discovering Propagation Pattern of Neurodegeneration across Brain Networks
- Defu Yang
Neuroinformatics and Data Sharing
Chairs: David Kennedy and Heather Whittaker
Original to Digital: Microstructural and functional brain atlases in common MRI space
- Rory Pijnenburg
Methodological Variability and Vibration Effects in Transcriptomic Processing Pipelines
- Ross Markello
Prospective Data Harmonization for Multi-site Diffusion MRI Data Analysis
- Suheyla Cetin-Karayumak
A Bayesian Normative Model to Estimate Multi-scanner Effects in Structural Neuroimaging Data
- Johanna Bayer
Improving Discovery of the Genetic Architecture of the Cerebral Cortex
- Carolina Makowski
Validating Cellular Dimensions of Cortical Organization Through Neuroimaging-transcriptomics
- Jakob Seidlitz
Modeling and Analysis: Multivariate Multi-modal Analysis
Chairs: Lei Wang and Ting Xu
Principal Axes of Gene-Regulated Spatial Organization of the Human Brain
- Jacob Vogel
Molecular Genetics of the Biological Age of the Brain in the UK Biobank
- Philippe Jawinski
Advanced vs. Resilient Brain Aging in a Harmonized Cohort of 29,841 MRIs; The iSTAGING consortium
- Ioanna Skampardoni
Unfairness in RSFC-Based Behavioral Prediction across African American and White American Samples
- Jingwei Li
Assessing the Utilities of Resting-State Functional Gradients as a Novel Imaging Biomarker
- Suk JUN Hong
Signal Routing via Cortical Hierarchies
- Bertha Vázquez-Rodríguez
Thursday, 2 July
01.00H - New York / 06:00H - London / 13.00H - Hong Kong
Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Environmental Impact
Chairs: Michael Milham and Tonya White
A Multi-analysis Approach to Task-Modulated Functional Connectivity in Autism
- Carolin Moessnang
Gray Matter Co-Alteration Networks in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A meta-connectomic approach
- Donato Liloia
Aberrant Social Orienting and Extrinsic Functional Connectivity During Natural Viewing in Autism
- Juha Lahnakoski
Functional Cartography of Cognitive Dysfunction in Focal Epilepsies: A multiscale task-fMRI analysis
- Lorenzo Caciagli
Harmonious Family Climate Mediates the Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Child Brain Function
- Han Zhang
Cannabis Use During Adolescence Is Associated With Altered Cerebral Cortical Development
- Matthew Albaugh
Social Neuroscience, Emotion, and Motivation
Chair: Daniel Kennedy
The Relationship Between BMI and volume of subcortical structures is age-dependent
- Filip Morys
Lower Reward Network Glutamate is Associated with Diminished Reward Responsiveness
- Valerie Sydnor
Hemispheric specialization of the inferior parietal lobe across key cognitive domains
- Ole Numssen
Cross-modal synchronization of intracranial EEG and fMRI during natural movie viewing
- Tiankang Xie
Doctor Trustworthiness Reduces Pain and Its Neural Correlates in Virtual Medical Interactions
- Elizabeth Losin
Social perspective taking shapes brain hemodynamic activity and eye-movements during movie viewing
- Mareike Bacha-Trams
Connectivity: Global Signals and Network Interactions
Chairs: Catie Chang and Dustin Scheinost
Does Global Signal Regression Remove Alpha Power Fluctuations? An EEG-fMRI Study in Humans at Rest
- Alba Xifra-Porxas
Gastric-brain Coupling Predominates in Primary and Association Sensory-Motor Regions
- Ignacio Rebollo
Consistent Global Propagations Across Cortical Hierarchy in the Electrophysiological and fMRI Signal
- Yameng Gu
Global Signal Topography Changes Across the Lifespan
- Jason Nomi
Structural Connectome Manifolds Guide Dynamic Functional Network Reconfigurations
- Bo-yong Park
Whole-brain Estimation of Directed Connectivity from fMRI Data
- Stefan Frässle
Modeling and Analysis: Variability in Brain Activation
Chairs: Yanchao Bi and Caterina Gratton
Individual Variability in Brain Activity during Cognitive Tasks and Relationship with Cognition
- Colin Hawco
Segregation of Functional Territories in Individual Brains
- Ana Luísa Pinho
Enhancing Task fMRI Preprocessing via Whole-Brain Neural Modeling of Intrinsic Activity Dynamics
- Matthew Singh
Cognitive Information Differentiates Between Connectivity and Activity Across the Cortical Hierarchy
- Takuya Ito
A High-Resolution in Vivo Atlas of the Human Brain’s GABAA Receptor System
- Martin Nørgaard