Merit Award Winning Abstracts
Rethinking Repetition Suppression as a Metric of Learning
- Eva Berlot        
Topological Variations in Connectivity Dynamics Decode States of the Brain
- Jacob Billings   
Variability in the Analysis of a Single Functional Neuroimaging Dataset by Many Teams
- Rotem Botvinik-Nezer
Functional Cartography of Cognitive Dysfunction in Focal Epilepsies: A multiscale task-fMRI analysis
- Lorenzo Caciagli
Prospective Data Harmonization for Multi-site Diffusion MRI Data Analysis
- Suheyla Cetin-Karayumak
Time-of-Flight-MRA-Derived-Probabilistic-Map of Each Major Cerebral Artery
- Samantha Cote
Molecular Genetics of the Biological Age of the Brain in the UK Biobank
- Philippe Jawinski
The Cortical Wiring Scheme of Hierarchical Information Processing
- Casey Paquola
Psychopathology Phenotypes Explain Individuals’ Unique Deviations from Normative Neurodevelopment
- Linden Parkes
The Relevance of Transdiagnostic Shared Networks to Symptoms and Cognition in Schizophrenia
- Shile Qi
Gastric-Brain Coupling Predominates in Primary and Association Sensory-Motor Regions
- Ignacio Rebollo
Somatovisual Processing in the Deep Layers of the Human Superior Colliculus
- Kevin Sitek
Dynamic Network Coding of Working-Memory Domains
- Eyal Soreq
Brain Network Connectivity Architecture of Ego Dissolution under LSD
- Devon Stoliker
Merit Travel Award Winning Abstracts
Classification of Schizophrenia using Multimodal MRI and Machine Learning
- Wasana Ediri Arachchi
Investigating Neurophysiological Sources of Multimodal Neuroimaging in Humans
- Fatemeh Ebrahiminia  
The Organization of the Brain Functional Connectome Follows Puberty-Dependent Nonlinear Trajectories
- Zeus Gracia-Tabuenca
Developmental Trajectories of the Rat Brain: An in-vivo high-resolution MRI study
- Erika Gonzalez-Perez  
Dynamic Functional Network Connectivity at Rest and its Behavioral Correlates in Response Inhibition
- Youngmin Huh
Differentiating of Cortical Neuronal Encoding Direction of Wrist Movements using fMRI and fNIRS
- Maziar Jalalvandi          
Causal Role of Parietal Cortex in Valuing Uncertainty Information during Ambiguity Decision-Making
- Gabriela Valdebenito-Oyarzo