Merit Award Abstracts

UK Biobank Brain Imaging Update: 43k subjects, 3k second-scans, new IDPs and confounds, COVID study              
- Fidel Alfaro Almagro

Patient-clinician Inter-brain Synchronization during Evoked Pain: An EEG hyperscanning study
- Alessandra Anzolin

From Brain to Body: Learning respiration and heart rate fluctuations from fMRI data   
- Roza Bayrak

Multivariate Brain Morphological Signatures Predict People Reporting Chronic Pains for Over 2 Years      
- Ravi Bhatt

Transcranial Static Magnetic Field Stimulation Modulates Corticostriatal Activity            
- Jaime Caballero-Insaurriaga

Neural Circuit Modeling Captures Individual Variation in Functional Dynamics across Human Cortex
- Rachel Cooper

The Association Between Cortical Thickness and Dimensions of the Adolescent Psychosis Spectrum
- Alyssa Dai

Time-Varying Temporal Functional Modes: A novel model to probe network reconfigurations in fMRI
- Tamara de Kloe

Layer-specific Myeloarchitecture of Human S1 Hand Area in Younger and Older Adults at 7T-MRI       
- Juliane Doehler

Predicting Phenotypes based on High-dimensional resting State Networks in Individuals from Big Data             
- Seyedeh-Rezvan Farahibozorg

Multi-Timepoint Pattern Analysis: Decoding context-dependent brain connectivity dynamics
- Saampras Ganesan

Identification and Synthesis of Preferred Images for Individual Regions in the Human Visual Cortex     
- Zijin Gu

Evolutionarily Conserved fMRI Network Dynamics in the Human, Macaque and Mouse Brain    
- Daniel Gutierrez-Barragan

Age-related Cortical Perfusion Changes and Their Impact on Assessing Functional Connectivity      
- Roy Haast

Unfolding Age-related Measures of Distinct Hippocampal Surface Area and Thickness
- Roy Haast

Decoupling Between Global Brain Signal and Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow is Linked to Alzheimer's Disease
- Feng Han

A Large Scale Meta-analytic View on the Functional Organization of the Auditory Cortex              
- Peer Herholz

Tracking Rapid Stimulus-driven BOLD Oscillations using Fast fMRI in the Human Primary Motor Cortex   
- Shota Hodono

Thalamocortical Excitability Modulation Guides Human Perception Under Uncertainty              
- Julian Kosciessa

Ground-truth Resting-state fMRI Provides Data-driven Estimation and Correction of Scanner Distortion          
- Rajat Kumar

Structural Covariance Network Changes in the Common Epilepsies: A worldwide ENIGMA study    
- Sara Larivière

Functional Reconfigurations of Brain Network Hubs Across Arousal Levels         
- Kangjoo Lee

Top-down Attention Modulates Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Object Selectivity: An MEG-fMRI fusion study          
- Chun-Hui Li

A Synergistic Core for Human Brain Evolution and Cognition   
- Andrea Luppi

Lesion Covariance Networks Reveal Proposed Origins and Pathways of Glioma Tumors
- Ayan Mandal

Abagen: An open-source toolbox for working with the Allen Human Brain Atlas             
- Ross Markello

A Bayesian Lesion Regression Model with a Structured Spike-and-Slab Prior
- Anna Menacher

Recent Advances in Scattered Light Imaging Enable New Insights into Brain’s Nerve Fiber Architecture      
- Miriam Menzel

Aging Myeloarchitecture of Large-scale Body-part Representations in M1 at 7T-MRI    
- Alicia Northall

Efficient Mapping of Cortical Finger Representations in the Human Brain with TMS              
- Ole Numssen

Quantitative Structural Mapping of the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus Subdivisions in Living Human Brain     
- Hiroki Oishi

Functional Connectome Reorganization after Pontine Stroke is Associated with Better Motor Outcomes          
- Emily Olafson

Development of Thalamocortical Functional Connectivity Gradient in the Human Infant Brain    
- Shinwon Park

Network Controllability in Transmodal Cortex Predicts Positive Psychosis Spectrum Symptoms          
- Linden Parkes

Reward Processing in Novelty Seekers: A transdiagnostic psychiatric imaging biomarker              
- Shile Qi

Ex-vivo Whole Human Brain Diffusion MRI at 550 Micron Resolution with a 3T Connectom Scanner
- Gabriel Ramos Llorden

A Preprocessed Open Diffusion Derivatives Dataset from the Healthy Brain Network              
- Adam Richie-Halford

Behavioral, Anatomical and Genetic Convergence of Affect and Cognition in Superior Frontal Cortex
- H. Lina Schaare

Effect of Repeated Blocks of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) on Fronto-striatal Connectivity      
- Usman Jawed Shaikh

Flaws in Data Binning for Population Receptive Field Analyses   
- Susanne Stoll

Prediction of Human Cognition: Are predictive features reliable and reproducible?         
- Ye Tian

Network Target Engagement in the Prefrontal Brain explained by Concurrent TMS/fMRI              
- Martin Tik

Temporally Adaptive SourcE Reconstruction (TASER)
- Ryan Timms

ENIGMA HALFpipe: Fast, interactive, and reproducible analysis for functional MRI data              
- Lea Waller

Predicting Brain Amyloid using Multivariate Morphometry, Sparse Coding, and Correntropy      
- Jianfeng Wu

White Matter Tract Atlases of a Century of Human Life        
- Ye Wu

Aging-related Changes in Intrinsic Alignment of Functional Signals with Anatomical Networks              
- Wan Lin Yue

Edge-centric Analysis of Time-varying Functional Brain Networks with Applications in Autism Spectrum            
- Farnaz Zamani Esfahlani

Robustness of Task Activation is Key? An investigation on the test-retest reliability of task fMRI            
- Matthias Zerban