Merit Award Abstracts

Intrinsic rs-fMRI Connectivity on the Isolated and Connected Hemispehere after Hemispherotomy  
- Tobias Bauer

Altered Global Signal Topography in Alzheimer's Disease Correlates with Neurodegeneration Pathway
- Pindong Chen

Linking Morphometric Patterns of the Psychosis Spectrum to Cognition and Functional Gradients
- Alyssa Dai

Atypical Language Organization is Reflected Across Gradients of Macroscale Cortical Organization  
- Loic Labache

Pre-Operative Epileptic Network Architecture Constrains Surgery-induced Connectome Reorganization
- Sara Lariviere

High-Fiber Diet Changes Reward Encoding Response to High-Caloric Food Cues in Overweight Adults
- Evelyn Medawar

Tau Propagation and Neuroinflammation Along Gradients of Connectivity in Alzheimer's Disease
- Julie Ottoy

Neural Dynamics in a Low-Dimensional State Space Reflect Cognitive and Attentional Dynamics
- Hayoung Song

Fingerprints of Brain Disease: Connectome Identifiability During Cognitive Decline    
- Sara Stampacchia

Latent Disconnectome Prediction of Long-Term Cognitive Symptoms in Stroke       
- Lia Talozzi

The Temporal Dynamics Underlying Behaviorally-Relevant Object Properties During Visual Processing
- Lina Teichmann

 Whole-Brain Transcriptomic Axes of Human Brain Organization
- Jacob Vogel

Genetic Correlates of Four Deep Learning-Derived MCI/AD Imaging Signatures in the General Population   
- Junhao WEN

Rethinking Univariate and Multivariate Biomarker for Major Depression: A Multimodal Evaluation    
- Nils Winter

Predicting Individual Brain Regional Atrophy Progression Using Functional Connectome
- Yu Xiao

Resting-State Connectivity Signatures Identify Depression Subtypes with Higher ECT Response Rates
- Dongmei Zhi