OHBM 2023 - Emma Robinson

Dr. Emma Robinson is a Senior Lecturer (Assoc. Professor) at King’s College London. She previously held positions with FMRIB, University of Oxford and BioMedIA, Imperial College London, where she obtained her PhD in medical image computing in 2010. She is probably best known for her work developing tools for cortical surface analysis. Most notably, her software for cortical surface registration Multimodal Surface Matching (MSM) was central to the development of the Human Connectome Project’s Multimodal Parcellation of the Human Cerebral cortex, and features in the image processing pipelines for the open-science HCP, dHCP (developing HCP) and UK Biobank projects. This work has been successfully applied to studies of cortical neurodevelopment, neurodegeneration and evolution. More recently, the focus of her lab (https://metrics-lab.github.io) has turned towards the development of explainable AI for diagnostic and forward modelling of neuropsychiatric disease. She sits on the board of Medical Imaging Deep Learning (MIDL) and acts as handling editor for PLOS Computational Biology and Neuroimage.