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August 2016

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December 15, 2016

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Letter From the Chair

Alan Evans, Chair, Organization for Human Brain Mapping

The OHBM Annual Meeting in Geneva was a busy week full of exciting science and bleeding-edge research, in-depth discussions and time spent identifying issues and challenges within the brain mapping community. New initiatives were announced and others were brought forward for consideration in the coming year. As always, the time together served as a chance to connect with others who share a common sense of purpose. We experienced beautiful weather in a city surrounded by mountains and still managed to have amazing attendance and participation (even overflowing at times) at the sessions and keynotes. We truly appreciate the enthusiasm, energy and outstanding research brought to the meeting. In this newsletter you will read about a change in location for our next Annual Meeting, learn about a new award, find out about the change in timing for abstract submission and get connected to what's being talked about in the brain mapping community through our many outreach efforts in social media, the Huffington Post and the OHBM blog. I look forward to serving you, the OHBM membership, as the Council Chair this coming year.

Educational Course, Symposia & Abstract Earlier Deadline:  December 15, 2016!

The Call for Educational Courses, Symposia and Abstracts will be sent next week.  Note that the deadline for submissions is now December 15, 2016! With the increasing number of proposals being submitted, more time was needed for careful review and consideration of each proposal. Plan accordingly to ensure your submission is submitted before the deadline! For questions regarding the Call for Educational Courses and Symposia, or the Call for Abstracts, please contact Anne Beauclaire, Administrative & Meetings Coordinator, at info@humanbrainmapping.org.


OHBM 2017 Annual Meeting is in Vancouver, Canada!

If you attended the Town Hall Forum during this year’s OHBM Annual Meeting, you learned that the 2017 Annual Meeting will be held from June 25-29 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  You may recall that Puerto Rico was previously announced as the 2017 venue; however, after much discussion and careful consideration, Council made the decision to move the meeting to Vancouver due to the travel advisories and health threats connected to the presence of the Zika Virus in Puerto Rico. Although there were financial implications associated with moving the meeting, Council remains confident the decision was the right one especially given the most recent news which points to a skyrocketing spread of the disease in Puerto Rico.  

We would like to thank Lara Boyd and Doris Doudet for agreeing to serve as the 2017 Local Organizing Committee Chair and Co-Chair respectively on such short notice.  Vancouver is a beautiful city with an exceptional convention center and recreational activities – all of which creates the perfect stage for a fabulous meeting.  We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver next June! For questions regarding the Annual Meeting, please contact  info@humanbrainmapping.org

New Replication Award announced at OHBM 2016

At the Annual Meeting, a new award was established to recognize the best published replication study. The OHBM Replication Award highlights OHBM’s commitment to reproducibility in neuroimaging research and helps begin to reshape the incentives towards replication. The recipient will receive a cash award of $2,000 and an engraved plaque (presented at the 2017 OHBM Annual Meeting in Vancouver).  In its inaugural year, this award will be funded by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.  Beginning in 2018, the award will be funded by OHBM. More information will be sent in the Fall with instructions for submission. For questions regarding awards, please contact JoAnn Taie, Executive Director, at joanntaie@llmsi.com.

OHBM Diversity/Gender Task Force

Voices at the 2016 Town Hall were heard loud and clear—there is a great desire to increase diversity within OHBM governance and activities. In response to this, the OHBM Council recently voted to approve the formation of a new Diversity and Gender Task Force to address the issue of gender and minority representation.  Tonya White, Immediate Past Treasurer, will serve as Chair of this Task Force.  Angie Laird, Program Committee member, will serve as Co-Chair.  A Call for Volunteers will be sent later this month. For questions regarding Committees and Task Forces, please contact JoAnn Taie, Executive Director, at joanntaie@llmsi.com.

Keep Calm & Scan On

In recent weeks a lot of attention has been given to the paper “Cluster failure: Why fMRI inferences for spatial extent have inflated false-positive rates”, by Eklund, Nichols and Knutsson, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The OHBM Council in coordination with the OHBM Communications Committee provided a formal response to the Eklund paper on the OHBM Blog. The response, “Keep Calm and Scan On” has been viewed over 18,000 times on the OHBM blog. Additionally, the blog post and the COBIDAS report (Best Practices in Data Analysis and Sharing in Neuroimaging using MRI ), were recently mentioned in a New York Times article:  NYTimes: Do You Believe in God, or Is That a Software Glitch? Read the original post at http://www.ohbmbrainmappingblog.com/blog/keep-calm-and-scan-on and add your comments! For questions regarding social media or communications, please contact Stephanie McGuire, Communications Manager, at stephaniemcguire@humanbrainmapping.org.

OHBM on the Huffington Post

The OHBM Communications Committee has been successful in getting a large number of articles accepted and published on HuffPost Science. The articles written for this website are aimed at the wider public to help get better information about neuroscience into the mainstream media. Articles by OHBM members Kevin Weiner, Ekaterina Dobryakova and Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus can be found regularly on http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/brain/. For questions regarding social media or communications, please contact Stephanie McGuire, Communications Manager, at stephaniemcguire@humanbrainmapping.org.


Social media use at the most recent OHBM Annual Meeting was at an all time high. If you didn’t follow it during the conference, you can see what was being talked about by visiting the hashtag here:www.twitter.com/#OHBM2016.  Stay connected all year long by “following” on twitter, “liking” on Facebook and reading the OHBM blog. For questions regarding social media or communications, please contact Stephanie McGuire, Communications Manager, at stephaniemcguire@humanbrainmapping.org.

OHBM OnDemand

2016 Annual Meeting presentations are now available on OHBM OnDemand to registered Annual Meeting attendees. Additional content will be added as it becomes available.  In three months, the content will be available to all current OHBM members, and three months after that, all content will be available to the public. Use your OHBM credentials to log in. For questions regarding the OHBM OnDemand, please contact Anne Beauclaire, Administrative & Meetings Coordinator, at info@humanbrainmapping.org.

ACCME Accreditation 

The Organization for Human Brain Mapping is an accredited provider of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, which is governed by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).  The ACCME's mission is the identification, development, and promotion of standards for quality continuing medical education (CME) utilized by physicians in their maintenance of competence and incorporation of new knowledge to improve quality medical care for patients and their communities.  As an accredited provider, OHBM is required to go through a reaccreditation process every four years to ensure we are adhering to ACCME guidelines and demonstrating compliance.  This includes the submission of a Self Study Report, an interview and approval by the ACCME Board.  We are pleased to report that OHBM was successful in receiving reaccreditation as a provider of CME credits, which is valid until July of 2020.   For questions regarding CME’s, please contact JoAnn Taie, Executive Director, at joanntaie@llmsi.com.

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