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2019 OHBM Annual Meeting

 Full 2019 OHBM Program (PDF)

  Sunday, June 09, 2019  
8.00-16.30H All Day Educational Courses  
  An Introduction to Network Neuroscience: How to build, model, and analyse connectomes  
  MR Diffusion Imaging: From theory to applications  
  Deep Learning for Human Brain Mapping  
  Functional MRI in Clinical Practice: Applications, methods, and controversies  
8.00-12.00H Morning Educational Courses  
  Time-varying Connectivity in Resting-state fMRI: Methods, interpretations, and clinical use  
  Taking Control of Your Neuroimaging Data: Understanding artefacts and quantifying quality  
  fMRI at the Resolution Scale of Cortical Columns and Layers  
  Population Neuroscience: How to responsibly handle big data in the age of biobanks  
9.00-12.00H Open Science SIG Workshop  
  Brain Hacking 101  
13.00-16.30H Afternoon Educational Courses  
  Brain Parcellations and Functional Territories  
  The Missing Link: How to combine neuroimaging data with computational models of behavior  
  MRS of GABA and Other Metabolites: Methods and applications for understanding human brain function  
  Researchers' Guide to the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study  
17.30-19.30H Opening Ceremonies / Talairach Lecture: Riitta Hari - Timing Matters  
19.30-21.00H Welcome Reception  


  Monday, June 10, 2019  
8.00-9.15H Morning Symposia  
  Cognitive Atlasing: From brain images to the mind  
  Clinical Applications of Time-varying Neuroimaging  
  New Approaches for Probing the Neurobehavioral Basis of Development  
  Imaging Experience-Dependent Plasticity in Humans  
8.00-9.15H NIH BRAIN Initiative Funding Opportunities  
9.15-9.30H Break  
9.30-10.15H Keynote Lecture: Danielle Bassett  
10.15-10.25H Break  
10.25-10.50H Best Paper Award Presentations  
10.50-12.00H LOC Symposium: Back to the Future: The legacy of Italian neuroscientists for the current brain mapping challenges  
12.00-12.45H Lunch  
12.00-14.30H Siemens Industry Lunch Symposium - Exploring New Frontiers in MRI  
12.00-14.30H Scientific Advisory Board Session - A Retrospective look back at OHBM  
12.45-14.45H Poster Session  
14.45-16.00H Afternoon Symposia  
  Decoding Brain Heterogeneity in Psychiatry: Concepts, challenges, and methods  
  Lifespan Network Neuroscience: A new frontier in human brain mapping  
  Diversity Round Table: Using Insights from Social Psychology and Neuroscience to Address Gender Bias  
  Fetal Foundation of Neurocognition  
16.00-16.15H Break  
16.15-17.00H Keynote Lecture: Catie Chang - Multimodal Investigation of Spontaneous BOLD Fluctuations  
17.00-17.15H Break  
17.15-18.30H Oral Sessions  
  Emotion and Motivation and Social Neuroscience  
  Neurodevelopmental Disorders  
  Modeling and Analysis Methods - Uni/Multi-Variate Analysis  
  Neuroinformatics and Data Sharing  
18.30-19.30H Poster Reception  


  Tuesday, June 11, 2019  
8.00-9.15H Morning Symposia  
  Longitudinal MRI Approaches for Investigating Brain and Psychological Development  
  The Global Signal Strikes Back: Understanding and addressing widespread signal fluctuations in fMRI  
  Multi-Modal Imaging Approach for Human Neuroanatomy: Integration across scales   
  Advances in Understanding Rapid Temporal Processing in the Human Brain  
9.15-9.30H Break  
9.30-10.15H Keynote Lecture: Armin Raznahan - Integrative Neuroimaging of the Developing Brain in Health and Disease  
10.15-10.30H Break  
10.30-11.45H Oral Sessions  
  Lifespan Development  
  Modeling and Analysis: Multi-dimensional atlasing   
  Mapping Sensation Perception and Attention  
11.45-12.45H Lunch  
12.00-14.30H Phillips Industry Lunch Symposium - Break Diagnostic Boundaries with Speed, Comfort, and Confidence  
12.00-14.30H Publishing Roundtable - Aperture: The OHBM publishing platform roundtable  
12.00-12.50H Student/Post Doc SIG Career Development and Mentoring Symposium  
13.10-14.00H Student/Post Doc SIG Lunch with Mentors  
12.45-14.45H Poster Session  
14.45-16.00H Afternoon Symposia  
  From "Open Science" to "Science": Shifting the status quo in data sharing, software, and publishing  
  The Dynamic Interplay Between Neuromodulation and Whole Brain Network Structure  
  Human Brain Mapping in the Face of Functional Heterogeneity and Functional Multiplicity  
  Specialised Functional Networks in Social Behavior: Life trafectories, sex differences, diversity  
16.00-16.15H Break  
16.15-17.00H Keynote Lecture: B.T. Thomas Yeo - Generative Models for Brain Parcellation, Disorder and Dynamics  
17.00-18.00H Poster Reception  
17.00-19.00H Chinese Young Scholars Meeting  


  Wednesday, June 12, 2019  
8.00-9.15H Morning Symposia  
  The Pulsatile Integration at Multiple Time Scales in the Resting Brain  
  Do We Really Think Differently about MEG-EEG Mapping?  
  Advanced Image Analytics for Clinical Neuroimaging  
  A Tough Nut to Crack: Neurodevelopmental connectopathies  
9.15-9.30H Break  
9.30-10.15H Keynote Lecture: Tianzi Jiang - The Human Brainnetome Atlas and its Applications in Understanding of Brain Functions and Disorders  
10.15-10.30H Break  
10.30-11.45H Oral Sessions  
  Neurodegenerative and Vascular  
  Learning and Memory  
  Modeling and Analysis  
  Imaging Acquisition Methods - BOLD Signal Imaging  
  Imaging Genetics  
11.45-12.45H Lunch  
12.45-14.45H Poster Session  
14.45-16.00H Afternoon Symposia  
  Data Science in Neuroscience: Denser Phenotyping Across Levels of Observation  
  Transcriptomics of Brain Function: From Circuitry and Networks Through Psychiatric Illness  
  Connectivity Formation and Reconfiguration in the Brain: Empirical and in Silico Insights  
  EEG Potentials Evoked by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Methodological Issues  
16.00-16.15H Break  
16.15-17.00H Keynote Lecture: Gil Rabinovici - PET Imaging in Dementia: Mapping the path from protein aggregation to neurodegeneration  
17.00-17.15H Break  
17.15-18.15H General Assembly and Feedback Forum  
18.15-19.15H Poster Reception  
20.00-2.00H Club Night  


  Thursday, June 13, 2019  
8.00-9.15H Morning Symposia  
  Spatial Organization of Connectivity Over Timescales: Multimodal insights on cognitive architectures  
  How Do Current Predictive Connectivity Models Meet Clinician's Needs?
  Multimodal Neurofeedback: The next generation of neurofeedback for advanced brain self-regulation
  Dissociating the Cognitive and Motor Functions of Circuits Through the Subthalamic Nucleus in Humans  
9.15-9.30H Break  
9.30-10.15H Keynote Lecture: Roshan Cools - Chemical Neuromodulation of the Adaptive Mind  
10.15-10.30H Break  
10.30-11.45H Oral Sessions  
  Higher Cognitive Function
  Population Neuroscience  
  Recent Advances in Neuroanatomy
11.45-12.45H Lunch  
12.45-14.45H Poster Session  
14.45-16.00H Closing Comments and Meeting Highlights  
16.00-17.00H Farewell Poster Reception