For Editors 

It is the role of the Handling Editor to assign peer-reviewers to a submission and make a recommendation for publication to the Editor-in-Chief. Handling Editor's are assigned by the Editor-in-Chief and are expected to take on the assigned submission barring any conflict of interest or major issue preventing a timely review. The Handling Editor will carefully review the work and determine if the work is ready for peer-review. If accepted for peer-review, the Handling Editor will select reviewers until two-three reviews are received.

Aperture’s Handling Editor Guidelines include information on how to access submissions and assign Peer-Reviewers. These guidelines are available via PDF Here.

Handling Editors should also be familiar with Aperture’s Code of Conduct and Editorial Policies as well as Aperture’s Author Guidelines.


For Reviewers

Thank you for your interest in reviewing for Aperture. If you have not been invited and would like to be included in Aperture's list of peer-reviewers, please contact the Journal Manager.

Aperture reviewers are asked to complete a review of an Aperture submission within two-weeks. If a reviewer needs more time, the Journal Manager(s) will work with these on a case-by-case basis. Reviewers will be asked to complete the Aperture Peer-Review form and include any relevant comments or concerns to the author or Handling Editor.

Aperture encourages an open review process, but reviewers are able to remain anonymous to the author after publication.

For further questions about Aperture's review process, please contact the Journal Manager.

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