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OHBM 2022 Educational Courses


OHBM 2022 Educational Courses will kick-off this year's event on Sunday, June 19th at the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow, Scotland. These hands-on courses are a feature for in-person attendees only. Join us by adding the Educational Course package to your registration here.


Educational Courses - Full Day

An Introduction to Methods for Analyzing Large Neuroimaging Datasets
Organizers: Robert Whelan, Ph.D and Herve Lemaitre


Brain Parcellations and Functional Territories
Organizers: Michel Thiebaut de Schotten and Sarah Genon

Fundamental Concepts and Methods in Network Neuroscience
Organizers: Andrew Zalesky and Alex Fornito

Generative Modelling of Brain Dynamics: From Principles to Applications
Organizers: Adeel Razi and Daniele Marinazzo


Educational Courses - Half Day

Cultivating Open Science Practices in Academic Research and Culture
Organizers: Katherine Bottenhorn, Ph.D, Stephanie Noble, Ph.D, and Naomi Gaggi


How to Write a Re-Executable Publication
Organizers: David Kennedy and Jean-Baptiste Poline


Neuroanatomy and its Impact on Structural and Functional Imaging (In Memory of Karl Zilles)
Organizers: Nicola Palomero-Gallagher and Hiromasa Takemura


Optical Methods for Reliable and High-Fidelity Human Brain Mapping - A Hands-On Course
Organizers: Adam Eggebrecht, Ph.D and Hamid Dehghani, Ph.D

Physiologic fMRI Signals: Friend or Foe? How and Why to Measure, Model and Account for Physiology
Organizers: Stefano Moia, Molly Bright, D. Phil., and Cesar Caballero-Gaudes


Quantitative MRI for In Vivo Histology From Six Perspectives
Organizers: Ilona Lipp


Time-Varying Connectivity in Resting-State fMRI: Methods, Interpretations, and Clinical Use
Organizers: Raphael Liegeois and Vince Calhoun

Tractometry: Peering into the White Matter
Organizers: Ariel Rokem and Catherine Lebel