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Educational Courses | May 30-June 4

This year's online experience promises to provide opportunities for true networking and interaction. A new virtual platform was selected with this idea at the forefront. All content for this year’s Educational Courses will be pre-recorded and watched by attendees semi-live at an assigned date/time followed by one hour of interactive discussion. In addition, all pre-recorded presentations will also be available in a ‘screening room’ within the platform starting May 30, 2021 for attendees to watch at their leisure.

This year, OHBM will be utilizing a two time zone block schedule to accommodate attendees around the globe. We will have a Americas/European block and an Americas/Asia block each day. In our efforts to ensure a full conference experience for all attendees, all Educational Course sessions will repeat in both time zone blocks with live interactive sessions in both areas.

Please choose the time zone block that works best for you and refer to the schedule below.


Please see below for further information regarding 2021 content.

An Introduction to Network Neuroscience
Organizers: Andrew Zalesky and Alex Fornito

Neuroimaging Meta-Analyses: Concepts and practice
Organizers: Kendra Oudyk, Jean-Baptiste Poline, and Angela Laird

Time-varying Connectivity in Resting-state fMRI: Methods, interpretations and clinical use
Organizers: Raphael Liegeois and Vince Calhoun

MRS of GABA: Methods and applications for understanding brain function
Organizers: Charlotte Stagg and Nicolaas Puts

Brain Parcellations and Functional Territories
Organizers: Michel Thiebaut de Schotten and Sarah Genon

Tractometry: Peering into the white matter
Organizers: Ariel Rokem and Catherine Lebel

Neuroanatomy and Its impact on Structural and Functional Imaging (In Honor of Karl Zilles)
Organizers: Kevin Weiner, Hiromasa Takemura, and Nicola Palomero-Gallagher