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Educational Courses | May 30-June 4

An Introduction to Network Neuroscience
Organizers: Andrew Zalesky and Alex Fornito

Neuroimaging Meta-Analyses: Concepts and practice
Organizers: Kendra Oudyk, Jean-Baptiste Poline, and Angela Laird

Time-varying Connectivity in Resting-state fMRI: Methods, interpretations and clinical use
Organizers: Raphael Liegeois and Vince Calhoun

MRS of GABA: Methods and applications for understanding brain function
Organizers: Charlotte Stagg and Nicolaas Puts

Brain Parcellations and Functional Territories
Organizers: Michel Thiebaut de Schotten and Sarah Genon

Tractometry: Peering into the white matter
Organizers: Ariel Rokem and Catherine Lebel

Neuroanatomy and Its impact on Structural and Functional Imaging (In Honor of Karl Zilles)
Organizers: Kevin Weiner, Hiromasa Takemura, and Nicola Palomero-Gallagher