Educational Courses will begin on Sunday, June 23 ahead of the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception at the COEX Convention and Exhibition. They are an additional event separate from the Annual Meeting. Click the button below to register!

Full Day Educational Courses

Connectome-based models of whole-brain dynamics: from theoretical principle to practical application
Organizers: Davide Momi, John Griffiths, Joana Cabral.

Deep Learning in Neuroimaging
Organizers: Anqi Qiu, Paul Thompson, Chaogan Yan, Jing Sui.

Global Open Science Electrophysiology
Organizers: Pedro Valdes-Sosa, Alan Evans, Maria Bringas-Vega, Qing Wang.

Precision surface imaging of the cerebral cortex: from acquisition to application
Organizers: Logan Williams, Matthew Glasser, Emma Robinson.

Half Day Educational Courses

An introduction to cross-species comparative neuroimaging
Organizers: Austin Benn, Katja Heuer, Ting Xu, Katherine Bryant.

Communicating neuroscience across peoples, languages, and cultures
Organizers: Kevin Sitek, Alfie Wearn, Xinhui Li, Giulia Baracchini.

Current insights into physiologic signals to measure body-brain interactions in neuroimaging
Organizers: Stefano Moia, Molly Bright, Merel van der Thiel, Kristina Zvolanek.

Molecular Imaging: a Hands-on Tutorial based on Open Access Datasets
Organizers: Arianna Sala, Igor Yakushev.

Neuroanatomy and its Impact on Structural and Functional Imaging (In Memory of Karl Zilles)
Organizers: Hiromasa Takemura, Nicola Palomero-Gallagher.

Normative Modeling Workshop: Theory and applications to code along
Organizers: Johanna Bayer, Charlotte Fraza, Barbora Rehak Buckova.

Null models in network neuroscience
Organizers: Frantisek Vasa, Bratislav Misic.

Tractometry: Peering into the white matter
Organizers: Ariel Rokem, Catherine Lebel, François Rheault.