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Connectivity Modelling
4082: Dynamic multi-scale modes of resting state brain activity detected by entropy field decomposition
4088: Concordance Among Indices of Intrinsic Brain Function
3931: Identifying spatiotemporal patterns of functional connectivity using dictionary learning
3941: The structural basis of large-scale functional connectivity in the mouse
3996: Multivariate distance correlation is a more reliable and robust measure of functional connectivity.
4028: Shape variability in the dynamics of resting-state functional network and relationship with age

Focal Neurological Disorders
3135: In vivo mapping of gliosis in temporal lobe epilepsy using FLAIR intensity analysis
3149: ENIGMA-Epilepsy: Worldwide brain structural comparisons in 1,738 epilepsy cases and 1,358 controls
3164: Predicting outcome after surgery for temporal lobe epilepsy using Automated Fibre Quantification
3326: Normalization or Reorganization: Evidence for different mechanisms of recovery in Neglect & Aphasia
3327: Distinct signatures of remote longitudinal white matter alterations in neglect
3335: Integrity of cortico-cerebellar fibres is associated with residual motor function in chronic stroke

Neuroanatomy and Physiology
4306: Resting-state fMRI signals in the macaque are altered by transient inactivation of basal forebrain
4197: Tractography based parcellation of the frontal lobe: reproducibility & functional significance.
4261: Cytoarchitectonic similarity as a wiring principle of the human connectome
4310: Comparison of Neuronal and Hemodynamic Dynamic Connectivity Calculated Using GCaMP Mice Data
4267: Frontal aslant tract and premotor connections underlying visuomotor processing in humans
4209: BigBrain: Automated analysis of laminar structure in the cerebral cortex

The Aging Brain
4050: Effects of Physical Exercise on Brain Atrophy in Patients at Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
1036: Distinct Modes of Brain Variability Across the Alzheimer's Disease Continuum
3730: Discovering Heterogeneous Patterns of Advanced Brain Aging in Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging
3737: The morphology of the cortical surface in aging process
3746: Aging-related changes in structural and functional interhemispheric connectivity
3751: CSF NFL levels and hippocampal atrophy rate in cognitively healthy elderly individuals

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