Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Morning Symposia 8:00-9:15 Room
Near and far: imaging the remote effects of ischemic stroke and cerebrovascular disease burden 211-214
The Neuroethical Implications of Human Brain Mapping 220-222
Multi-echo fMRI: basics, denoising, and applications to neuroscience Ballroom C
Relating connectivity to inter- and intra-individual differences in attention and cognition Ballroom AB
Keynote Lecture 9:30-10:15 Room
Marsel Mesulam, MD
Northwestern University, Chicago, United States
Ballroom AB

Revisiting Wernicke's Area'
According to the classic language model, Wernicke’s area mediates both sentence and word comprehension. Investigations in primary progressive aphasia (PPA) show that word and sentence comprehension have dissociated anatomical substrates and that word comprehension appears to be critically dependent on the left anterior temporal lobe, a region that has remained outside the classic network.

Oral Sessions 10:30-11:45 Room
Brain organization for language 211-214
Connectivity Methods and Analysis Ballroom AB
Learning and Memory Ballroom C
Social Neuroscience 220-222
Poster Session 12:45-14:45 Exhibit Hall
Poster Numbers #3000-4260
Authors with even numbered posters will present their posters today
Afternoon Symposia 14:45-16:00 Room
Systems-level Integration of Neuroimaging and Genomic Maps in Health and Disease Ballroom AB
Validating MRI-based biophysical models with gold standard histology: potentials and limitations 211-214
Exploring complex relationships between evoked and intrinsic brain activity Ballroom C
Keynote Lecture 16:15-17:00 Room
Christian Ruff, PhD
University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Multiple brain systems for decision making?
Neuroimaging studies often focus on brain processes that are specialized for perceptual, motivational, or social information. My lecture describes how these sources of information are flexibly integrated by the brain to control behaviour. Our recent studies characterize such neural choice processes with computationally-informed neuroimaging and brain stimulation methods.

Ballroom AB
Town Hall Meeting 17:15-18:15 Ballroom AB
Club Night! 20:00-2:00  

Science World
OHBM’s legendary Club Night promises to be another don’t-miss event as we go to the Science World at TELUS World of Science!  This unique venue is located on the beautiful False Creek and is easily accessible via transit to the Main Street-Science World Train Station or via Aquabus/False Creek ferries.  There will be a DJ “Girl on Wax” that will play dance music throughout the evening, and you can access all the hands-on activities the Science World as to offer.  Don’t miss the food trucks that will offer a variety of foods for purchase from Thai’ to the famous Vancouver Poutine!

The party is complimentary to registrants. Please make sure to bring your ticket to Club Night. Additional guest tickets are $50.00 and must be purchased at the conference registration desk.

Address: 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver


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