Childcare Grant

Applying for a Grant

Small grants up to $750 per family are available for the attendees of the OHBM Annual Meeting who are bringing young children to a meeting or who incur extra expenses for child care during the meeting. The OHBM meeting also provides family/lactation rooms.

Applications are no longer being accepted. We will email those who have been selected.

Allowable Expenses:

  • Child care expenses at the site of the meeting*
  • Extra child/dependent care expenses at home incurred because the primary caregiver was attending the meeting (such as overtime at a child care center, cost of a sitter, etc.)
  • Expenses incurred in bringing a caregiver and/or dependent to the meeting.

*OHBM does not provide or recommend child care providers and does not assume responsibility or liability for child care services of any sort. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) or guardian(s) to thoroughly investigate all child care providers.

Unallowable Expenses:

  • Regular home-based child/dependent care expenses
  • Travel or other expenses related to the attendee’s participation in the meeting (including meeting registration, meals, travel to the meeting, or other expenses the attendee would already be incurring by attending the meeting)
  • Food
  • Tickets to local museums, amusement parks, etc.

Selecting Grants
If the number of requests for grants exceeds the funding, preference will be given to applicants in the early stages of their careers.

Application Misrepresentation
OHBM reserves the right to deny funds to applicants who misrepresent their funding needs.

Changes in Circumstances
If the need for your grant changes between when you applied and the date of the Meeting, you must notify OHBM to explain. You will be notified if your need is still eligible for funding.

Child Care Bulletin Board
Like to take turns babysitting?  If you are interested in childcare sharing, try connecting to other parents on the OHBM Child Care Bulletin Board.

OHBM offers this bulletin board as a service and takes no responsibility for any consequences resulting from child care arrangements made through this bulletin board. People posting on the bulletin board are not endorsed, screened or validated by OHBM. Please exercise appropriate caution in dealing with unfamiliar individuals.

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