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Tonya White

Tonya White, MD, PhD is an associate professor in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam. She received Bachelors (University of Utah) and Masters (University of Illinois) degrees in Electrical Engineering prior to completing medical school at the University of Illinois and later a Ph.D. from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

Her residency involved a combined pediatrics, psychiatry, and child and adolescent psychiatry program (Triple Board Program), after which she completed a research fellowship in neuroimaging under the mentorship of Nancy Andreasen. Following a junior faculty position at the University of Minnesota, she joined the faculty at Erasmus University Medical Center in 2009 to set up and direct the neuroimaging program in the Generation R study, which has become the largest neuroimaging birth cohort in the world.

Her primary focus is in pediatric population neuroimaging. Her primary research goals are to apply neuroimaging techniques to obtaining a better understanding of genetic and environmental factors associated with typical and atypical brain development in hopes that this will translate into either preventing or decreasing the morbidity of severe psychiatric disorders.

A personal note to OHBM from Aperture's Editor-in-Chief, Tonya White

First, I want to thank JB, Peter, and the Aperture oversight committee for their vote of confidence in asking me to serve as the first Editor-in-Chief of OHBM. My first HBM meeting was in the year 2000 in San Antonio. I was in training at the time and I resonated then with the excitement and passion to better understand the complexities inherent in the brain, and for me the developing brain. I’ve only missed a handful of meetings since that
time, and have served on Council as secretary and headed first the Diversity and Gender Task Force, which then became the Diversity and Gender Committee. It has since changed it name again to the Diversity and Inclusivity Committee, and rightly so. Earlier in the year I was wondering about a next step regarding serving in some function to assist OHBM, and this is a fabulous opportunity to serve the community.

The Aperture Oversight Committee has done stellar work laying the foundations for this exciting, but also a bit scary, initiative. Aperture will be constructed on five pillars: First, it will be embedded into the OHBM community; second, it will foster open science; third, it will publish high quality research objects; fourth, it will be low cost; and finally, it ill allow for the publication of diverse research objects (i.e., code, data, jupyter and similar notebooks, etc.). It is this ‘diversity’ of research
objects that gives Aperture a complementary place in the ever-growing world of publishing options. 

I have a myriad of ideas brewing for Aperture, but the goal this summer will be to interface with the AOC, to put together the editorial board members, and to begin testing the system with different submission types. Under the rubric of the five pillars, I envision Aperture to be globally conscious, inclusive, and like the brain has important distributed connections, Aperture too will be interconnected. If you are asking how you can help, be willing to be a reviewer, submit your high quality work to Aperture, and enjoy reading or applying the research objects that emanate from ‘our’ journal.

Check back for information on our growing Editorial Board. Interested in joining Aperture as a Handling Editor or Peer-Reviewer, please email the Journal Manager. 

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