Author Guidelines

Below you will find the guidelines and policies for authors. Download the guidelines as a PDF here.

Please review Aperture Neuro’s Code of Conduct, Editor Policies and Author Responsibilities before submitting. 


Mission: The purpose of Aperture Neuro is to enable a diverse approach to sharing and communicating high quality, community-based, cost-efficient open neuroscience while bringing transparency and interactivity to the publishing process.  

Scope: Aperture Neuro is an open-access peer-reviewed online journal that was created by members of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping to share and promote research that goes beyond the traditional PDF. Aperture Neuro encourages and welcomes both OHBM members and non-members to submit. Aperture Neuro is looking for research that will enhance, innovate, and advance neuroscience. Aperture Neuro publishes articles (research reports and reviews) as well as other research objects, including tutorials, workshops, processing pipelines, software, simulations, computational notebooks, and datasets. 

There are no submission fees. Authors that have their work accepted for publication will be required to pay an Author Processing Charge. For nonmembers, the Author Processing Charge is $1,000.00, but for members, the APC is reduced to $800.00. 

Hardship Policy: Aperture Neuro will allow the Author Processing Charge to be waived for authors who reside and work in countries ranking low on The World Bank's country income classification list. Aperture Neuro may also include other countries or specific laboratories on a case-by-case basis. If you feel you qualify for a fee waiver, contact the journal manager. 


Review Process

Aperture Neuro strongly encourages an open peer-review process. Authors will be known to handle editors and reviewers. When completing their review, reviewers will indicate if they would like to be known to the authors or if they would like their review and comments to the authors to be anonymous. 

Reviewers will also have the opportunity to leave confidential notes to the editors.



We ask that you use either American English or British English and remain consistent. The author should contact the Journal Manager before submitting their Research Object if they are concerned about editing or grammar. 

All submissions should use inclusive language. Inclusive language promotes equal opportunities and acknowledges diversity. Authors should ensure that writing is free from bias, stereotypes, or slang. Aperture Neuro also requests that authors use gender-neutral language whenever possible.

Research objects should be thoroughly checked for both grammar and spelling. Aperture Neuro recommends that authors keep spell check on or use an editing and grammar tool to help with the editing and revision phases. 



Aperture Neuro understands that when submitting some Research Objects, there may be questions about authorship. For Aperture Neuro’s purposes, the platform defines authors and contributors according to the ICMJE recommendations

Authors: An author should be someone who has made a significant contribution to the Research Object and has helped with the creation and revision of any written materials surrounding the work. All authors should have given final approval of the work and be accountable for all aspects of the Research Object. An author should also be able to identify/explain the contributions of other co-authors and contributors. 

Contributors: A contributor is any individual that does not meet the full criteria of authorship, but has still had a hand in the work. 

We ask that you list all authors and contributors (these will be entered as “authors” in the platform) who were part of your research. You will be guided to enter all the authors and contributors as a separate step in the Submission Process. If you are listing a large number of contributors or co-authors that already exist as a group, it is not necessary to list each individual, but please reference the consortium, lab, or group that contributed to your work. If you will be referencing a database or group, have a separate section for this within your manuscript or summary. 

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