Ethical and Data Availability Statements

Ethical Considerations

If your Research Object involves human or animal subjects, please include a statement of ethical approval in accordance with the ethical standards of the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki and its later amendments or comparable ethical standards in the text of your Research Object. The text must appear before the references.

If doubt exists whether the research was conducted in accordance with the 1964 Helsinki Declaration or comparable standards, the authors must explain their methods, and demonstrate that an independent ethics committee or institutional review board explicitly approved the doubtful aspects of the study.

When reporting experiments on animals, authors must indicate that the institutional and national guidelines for the care and use of laboratory animals was followed.

Declaration of Interest Statement 

Aperture is committed to the highest standards of excellence when it comes to Peer Review and published Research Objects. All authors, editors, and Peer Reviewers are required to declare any conflicting interests that could negatively impact the integrity of the journal. You will be prompted to complete a Declaration of Interest form during the submission process. 

Data Availability 

Aperture requires Data availability statements with any Research Object that includes data or code. One or two sentences is sufficient, but the statement should let readers and reviewers know where to find your data and if the data are publicly available. You may include hyperlinks to archived datasets. The authors will be prompted to include any relevant availability statements during the submission process. 

Copyright and Author Licensing 

All submissions to Aperture are called Research Objects and will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Under this license, authors will maintain copyright but individuals are able to share, copy, and redistribute your Research Object. Individuals are also able to adapt and build upon the work provided credit is given to the original author. 

Authors may not submit material for which they do not have copyright. 

Please ensure that all material is your own and can be published under this license. It is the authors’ responsibility to obtain permission to include copyrighted images or materials. 

The authors will grant Aperture a license to publish the work and obtain the appropriate permissions for any copyrighted material. Authors agree to apply a Creative Commons Attribution License to the work. 

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