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Addressing the Social Limitations in Open Science

Organizers: Aki Nikolaidis and Gabriel Gonzalez
Speakers: Katie Bottenhorn, Melvin Selim Atay, and Aki Nikolaidis


Advances in Functional Neuroimaging of Spontaneous Thought

Organizers: Aaron Kucyi, Julia Kam, and Jonathan Smallwood
Speakers: Choong-Wan Woo, Adam Turnbull, Matthias Mittner, and Aaron Kucyi


Communication in Brain Networks: Models, mechanisms, and applications

Organizers: Caio Seguin, Olaf Sporns, and Andrew Zalesky
Speakers: Caio Seguin, Bertha Vázquez-Rodríguez, Demian Battaglia, and Amy Kuceyeski


Current Frontiers in Statistical Inference for Neuroimaging Data

Organizer: Bertrand Thirion
Speakers: Stephanie Noble, Jeannette Mumford, Jonathan Rosenblatt, and Bertrand Thirion

Diversity Round Table: Racial Bias in Neuroscience

Organizers: Rosanna Olsen, Amanpreet Badhwar, and Lucina Uddin
Speakers: Sharlene Newman, Sade Abiodun, and Yakeel Quiroz

Emerging Research in Infant Neuroimaging: A Fit’ng overview

Organizers: Dustin Scheinost, Brittany Howell, Lilla Zollei, and Alice Graham
Speakers: Silvia Gini, Alexander Dufford, Lucille Moore, and Marisa Spann


Failure Five Ways

Organizers: AmanPreet Badhwar and Aina Puce
Speakers: AmanPreet Badhwar, Aina Puce, Cyril Pernet, and Christophe Phillips


From Bench to Bed-side: Quantifying brain microstructure using multi-parameter MRI

Organizers: Bogdan Draganski and Nikola Stikov
Speakers: Kathryn Keenan, Christophe Phillips, Susie Huang, and Christian Lambert


How can Scientists Respond to the Climate Emergency? A guide from the SEA SIG

Organizer: Charlotte Rae
Speakers: Charlotte Rae, Anne Urai, Adam Aron, and Clare Kelly


Identifying and Reducing Model Bias in Network Neuroscience

Organizers: Mikail Rubinov and Lucina Uddin
Speakers: Manjari Narayan, Andrew Reid, Alexandros Goulas, and  Mikail Rubinov


Imaging the Brainstem: Approaches, challenges and opportunities

Organizers: Verónica Mäki-Marttunen and Beth Lloyd
Speakers: Tobias Donner, David Clewett, Heidi Jacobs, and Verónica Mäki-Marttunen


Innovations in Multimodal Data Fusion and Data-Driven Discovery in Population Neuroimaging

Organizer: Lisa Nickerson
Speakers: Vince Calhoun, Lisa Nickerson, John Murray, and Christian Beckmann


Learning from High-Dimensional Neuroimaging Data

Organizers: Vince Calhoun and Jing Sui
Speakers: Jae-Joong Lee, Qunfang Long, Robyn Miller, and Jing Sui


Mapping Cortical Morphology in the Human and Non-Human Primate Brain and Relations to Function

Organizers: Trisanna Sprung-Much, Nicole Eichert, and Michael Petrides
Speakers: Trisanna Sprung-Much, Celine Amiez, Olivier Coulon, and Katja Heuer


Neuroanatomy for Neuroimagers: Bringing a systems-level perspective to neuroimaging analyses

Organizer: Mac Shine
Speakers: Sofie Valk, Casey Paquola, Maedbh King, and Andreas Horn


Neuromodulation of Disrupted Brain Networks: Mechanisms, optimal targeting, and individual treatment

Organizer: Yihong Yang
Speakers: Danny Wang, Yihong Yang, Colleen Hanlon, and Wolf-Julian Neumann


OHBM-DGKN Alliance: International symposium on network reorganization after stroke

Organizers: Christian Grefkes and Steven Small
Speakers: Christian Grefkes, Adrian Guggisberg, Steven Small, and Nick Ward


PET Imaging of Brain Connectivity: Hype or future?

Organizers: Arianna Sala and Igor Yakushev
Speakers: Aldana Lizarraga, Silvia Caminiti, Andreas Hahn, and Joana Pereira


Simultaneous MRI-PET Imaging: Recent developments and future directions

Organizers: Sharna Jamadar and Gary Egan
Speakers: Sharna Jamadar, Andreas Hahn, Christin Sander, and N. Jon Shah


Spatio-temporal Brain Dynamics Across Consciousness Levels in Clinical and Healthy Populations

Organizer: Athina Tzovara
Speakers: Simone Sarasso, Janna Lendner, Athina Tzovara, and Marzia De Lucia


Stress Sensitivity as a Predictor of Long-term Vulnerability Versus Stress Resilience

Organizer: Indira Tendolkar
Speakers: Florin Dolcos, Indira Tendolkar, Shaozheng Qin, and Fleur Duyser


Student and Postdoctoral SIG Symposium - All Hands on Deck: Patching the Leaky Academic Pipeline

Organizers: Jennifer Ferris, Carolina Makowski, and Hajer Nakua
Speakers: Lucina Uddin, Antentor Hinton Jr., and Angeline Dukes