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Mark your calendars for December 11, 2023, as we delve into the fascinating realm of advanced tractography for personalized neuropsychiatric care with leading experts in the field! 


Date: Monday, December 11, 2023
Time: 8:00am CST, USA
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Personalized Neuromodulation Planning Using White Matter Tracts

Presented by Helen S. Mayberg, MD, and Ki Sueng Choi, PhD

The DBS research field is evolving from the focal effects of stimulation on the target anatomical structure to its impact on distributed brain networks. This development is paralleled by the growth of the “connectome” in neuroimaging. This presentation will discuss the tractography-based connectome approach applied to subcallosal cingulate DBS for treatment-resistant depression and ALIC DBS for OCD, as well as the prospective testing of the connectome approach in a new cohort of depression subjects.

Push Button Advanced Tractography for Quantitative Assessment of White Matter Tracts

Presented by Maxime Descoteaux, PhD

Human brain white matter is composed of approximately 100,000 miles of axons. Diffusion MRI is used to assess white matter non-invasively and quantitatively. This presentation will discuss a novel push button solution for advanced tractography that goes beyond classical diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). Additionally, the validation, security, and quality management necessary for a tool such as ANDI to obtain FDA-clearance will also be discussed. 

Live Q&A

Join Helen S. Mayberg, MD, Ki Sueng Choi, PhD, and Maxime Descoteaux, PhD for a live Q&A immediately following the presentations.

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