In June 2014, OHBM Council created a “Statement on Neuroimaging Research and Data Integrity”, and in a practical move created a Committee on Best Practices in Data Analysis and Sharing (COBIDAS).


The OHBM Committee on Best Practice in Data Analysis and Sharing (COBIDAS) on MRI was completed in 2016 and is available here: and on bioRxiv.  You can cite this document with this reference:

Nichols, T. E., Das, S., Eickhoff, S. B., Evans, A. C., Glatard, T., Hanke, M., Kriegeskorte, N., Milham, M. P., Poldrack, R. A., Poline, J.-B., Proal, E., Thirion, B., Van Essen, D. C., White, T., Yeo, B. T. T. (2016). Best Practices in Data Analysis and Sharing in Neuroimaging using MRI. bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/054262.

"Best practices in data analysis and sharing in neuroimaging using MRI" has been published in Nature Neuroscience. As part of the Springer Nature Content Sharing Initiative, you can now publicly share full-text access to a view-only version of your paper by using the following SharedIt link:

Thomas E. Nichols, PhD



At the OHBM Town Hall meeting in 2017, the issue of an additional COBIDAS initiative – this time focused on EEG and MEG data (or MEEG for short) was discussed, and quickly implemented by Aina Puce and Cyril Pernet. The COBIDAS MEEG followed closely the report made for MRI with the same spirit in promoting best practices for reproducible neuroimaging. A preprint is available in the OSF server: and the whole document can be read as blogs at The COBIDAS welcomes feedback from the community.

Issues and recommendations from the OHBM COBIDAS  MEEG committee for reproducible EEG and MEG research

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COBIDAS will continue to be updated and improve the report as feedback is received. You can send comments and add your feedback to the COBIDAS blog here: